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Dry Cleaning

As the agent of a quality dry cleaning company, Swallow Fashion is
committed to ensure your garments are taken care of.


To help us look after your garments, we suggest the following:


- Remove all valuables from pockets
- Inform our staff of special items in your order, i.e: white, silk,
linen, pleats, evening-wear and coats. Extra charges apply to these
items and our friendly staff will let you know these charges
- Allow 2 days for shirt laundering, special items and soiled or light


- Inform us if you need items same day as due to the volume of orders
received (especially on Mondays), we cannot guarantee same day service
unless requested


Price List (Condition apply)
Extra charges apply to: white, silk, linen, evening wears, pleats and winter coats. 

Daily Special (Cannot combine with any other offer)
3 Garments
$ 21.00
4 Garments
$ 25.00
5 Garments
$ 29.00
Shirts Laundered (wash & iron)
$ 3.00

Basic Price for Professional Dry Cleaning
Trousers & Slacks
$ 12.60
Normal Jacket
$ 12.80
Plain Skirt
$ 11.80
$ 19.20
Delicate/Cocktail Dress
$ 28.00 (from)
Sleeveless Top
$ 7.50
Long Sleeves Top
$ 10.80
Jumper & Cardigans
$ 11.75
Men's Shirt$ 8.90
Evening/Wedding Dress
$ 45.00 ~ $ 200.00
Long Coat/Over Coat
$ 22.20
Tie$ 8.15
$ 6.25 ~ $ 11.40
Houseware Dry Cleaing is also available.
Spot Cleaning Specialist and Leather Cleaning Specialist are also available.

Welcome to contact us and ask for more details and informations.